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Digital Services and Photographic Marketing Products by Jan West. 


Website: www.JanWestArt.com

Email: JanWestArt@mac.com

Text: 216-496-2671

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Jan is currently working in the studio on her Lexicons of Change collection. 

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Since April, 2014, I have been working on a collection that will be made up of thirteen multi-dimensional mandalas. They are not unlike giant microchips,  made out of paint and intention.  As of June, 2017, I have finished six of the thirteen.  I anticipate it will take me up to five more years to complete the collection.  One canvas typically takes between 800 to 2,200 mechanical /painting hours.  I will be introducing my new work to the public in the coming months.  Anyone interested, please contact me.

All of my artwork can be purchased, either as an original or as a reproduction of your choice, from my existing portfolio.  Size and format are variable and can be adapted to suit you.  The new metal prints are fabulous! 

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Abiquiu,  New Mexico

Through paint and photography I explore natural and architectural themes, in combination with archetypal, mystical, and cross cultural ones. I hope to inspire others by presenting the world through a new lens. 

I have been a commercial photographer, writer, artist, and teacher, since the early 1980’s.  My work reflects my love for the natural world. The ‘Organic Abstract’ paintings are my way of playing with color and form. The black and white photography, is often a study in light and shadow.  My work with the historic bridges of the Cleveland Flats, documents days gone by from my contemporary vantage.

My Mandalas are hand painted.  Mandalas are an archetypal symbol, that have served through-out recorded history, as a means towards expanded thinking and being.  I have been intuitively painting mandalas for over 35 years.  Many have been commissioned by individuals and organizations.  The process of creating a personalized Mandala has proven to be an extremely powerful and fun experience for my commissioners and for myself.  

If interested, please contact me.

Painting: Photography. Originals, Commissions, Reproductions & Photo Products, 

Writing & Digital Services by Jan West. 

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