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Featured is Jan West's new collection Lexicon's of Change: 1-7 

Reproductions on glass and metal are fabulous. 

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Into the Silence.

“Between here and there are a zillion miles.” Jan West

The black and white photography is often a study in light and shadow. I hope you enjoy my backyard as much as I do. 

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Get over them.

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Multi- Dimensional Transmitters


Transformational hand-painted Lexicons by Jan West.

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I'd love to work with you to create artwork that you will treasure. Artwork is a unique gift for your yourself or another that will last for generations to come.

My  commissioners and I experience a fun, personal and professional exchange. I will listen carefully to your artistic and or photographic needs. I will create imagery that captures your essence, or tells your company’s story.

I would love to work with you.

Please contact me if you are interested in owning any of my work.

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Work with Jan to create the perfect customized event for you, your business, organization, loved one and friends. Jan brings art, creativity and innovation into all that she does. Learn more.

I promise a unique experience that is fun, instructive, personal and professional. I will listen carefully to your needs and design a memorable experience, with imagery, that captures your essence, or tells your company’s story.

I’m eager to meet you!

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Jan West has been a professional photographer, artist and writer since the early 1980's. 

Art, Graphic Design and Writing Services.

Commercial, Event and Fine Art Photography. 

Graphic Design and Digital Services. 

Turn your shoebox of old photos into 

digital heirlooms. 

Marketing and Advertising Products

Brochures, Catalogs, DVD's, Movies,

Photographic Business Cards, Post Cards,

Greeting Cards, Calendars, Photo Books ...

Keynote Presentations, 

Power Point Presentations

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All images on this website are available for purchase by individuals, collectors, organizatins, or for editorial 

or commercial licensing.

Highest quality photographic reproductions, in many sizes and formats are available in gallery quality prints, canvas, glass, and metal. They are an exceptional way to exhibit my artwork.

Cards, Calendars, Book, Photo Gifts, and more are available in my online Store.

Prints are available on 

fine art paper, glass and metal.

Images are in open editions unless otherwise noted.

If you don't see what you want, 

PLEASE contact me. I'll make it for you.

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New Work. New Studio and Gallery.

The Lexicons of Change collection is now completed.  Photographs DO NOT do the work justice. Visit!

My new collection, Lexicons of Change, 1-7, is now displayed in my new studio and Gallery.  

Please come visit.

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About Jan


Here I am in the early 1980's. 

Yup, I've been doing this a long time!

Since then the world has become digitized and the world wide web was invented. Both have rocked he world of photography. Paradigms  have shifted dramatically since the creation of the web. Now, we connect instantly and globally. Technology has accelerated my journey as an artist and as an explorer. 

I am thrilled to share my work with you. 

Please enjoy.

For purchasing, licensing, or for more information, please call, text or email me via the contact pg to discuss your photographic, project and image needs.

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Book is available online in book and kindle format.

Book features 40 full color Mandalas by artist and teacher, Jan West.

Mandalas: Reflections From Inner Space,

by Jan West. 

Enjoy 4o full color Mandalas by artist Jan West. 

Mandalas create powerful and energetic vortexes that amplify intuition and receptivity to guidance. This book is a 'how to guide' for those wanting to maximize their connection with the consciousness realms. The symbols West paints into the Mandalas, will shift and grow with you over time. Learn how to harness and use the energy of the Mandalas as energetic portals into the intuitive realms.  Mandalas help transform ordinary minds and situations into extraordinary ones.  The high frequency Spheres provide a sacred space where inner truth and wisdom will be revealed to those who listen.  

Symbolic art can help manifest dreams, intentions and actions into physical reality. Your inner compass, will guide you along your journey. The communication received, will be unique to you. It will be fueled by your personal dreams, aspirations and life purpose. Mandalas gently lead you towards your highest destiny. They can help change your reality with a touch of mystery and a hint of magic!

West has inspired many to pursue their own hopes and dreams and to follow their unique path towards creativity and joy. Learn how to use Mandalas as a tuning device and a springboard, for listening to intuitive guidance and the whispers of the cosmic web. In this book Jan West uses the Mandala as a template for understanding how to access, harness and use inner power.  

Buy now.


COMMISSIONS: Let's work together to create your ART.

All content and the website itself, is by Jan West. Please let Jan know if you would like to purchase art or services. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you for your interest.

Jan West Art

Jan recently completed the first half, of her newest collection, 

Lexicons of Change  1-7

Six of the completed Lexicons, are currently being exhibited in Jan's Canones, 

Studio and Gallery.   

Please visit.

All art on this website is available for sale

Choose Originals, Reproductions, and Commissions and Services. 

Your purchases are appreciated, for they enable me to keep creating the 

Lexicon Collection.

Jan West Art

POB # 846, Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510

Email: Phone: 216-496-2671 Website:


Jan West's Canones, New Mexico 

Gallery and Studio

is now open by appointment. 

Visits are welcomed.

Please text, call or email.

Expect frequent updates to this website!

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