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Into the Silence.


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Get over them.

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Lexicons of Change.


Transformational hand painted mandalas by Jan West.


Jan West Art, Photography and Digital Services.

Ideas and Visitors are welcomed.

Jan West Art

Jan West is currently working in her Canones, New Mexico  studio. Visits are welcomed!

West recently completed her newest collection, Lexicons of Change  1-7.  Updates soon.

All art on this website is available for sale, either as an original or as a reproduction of your choosing. 

Thank you for your support. 

Photography:  Commercial, Ceremonial, Artistic, Digital Services.

Paintings, Photography, Mandalas:  Originals, Catalog & Commissions.

Book: Mandalas: Reflections from Inner Space

Jan West Art

POB # 846, Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510, United States

Email: Phone: 216-496-2671 Website:


Jan's Canones, New Mexico Gallery and Studio  is open by appointment. Visits are welcomed.

Please text, call or email. 

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